What is Artificial Neural Network


Neural networks are a specific set of algorithms that inspired by the brain to store information. Artificial neural networks offer an alternative way to resolve complex and ill-defined problems. They are able to handle incomplete data and to deal with non-linear problems. After training they can perform predictions and generalisations at high speed.

Neural networks are used in many applications such as robotics, pattern recognition, forecasting, medicine, power systems, manufacturing, optimisation, signal processing and social sciences. They are particularly useful in system modelling, such as in implementing complex mapping and system identification. Read More

What are Popular Types of Neural Networks


Nowadays, there are many types of neural networks in deep learning which are used for different purposes. In simpler terms neural networks are algorithms.

There are a large number of training algorithms, each consisting of varied characteristics and performance capabilities, there could be used different algorithms to accomplish different goals.

Every day engineers develop many thousands of new algorithms. These new algorithms have the similar architecture to existing algorithms, and they are used to build real-world models. Here’s a guide to some of today’s common neural network algorithms. Read More

Guide for Beginners: Build your First Application


This is a beginner guide to learn how to build your first Artificial Neural Networks with Java, Deep Learning for Java without any prior knowledge of building deep learning models.

In this guide we will go through the full Deep Learning pipeline, from:

Exploring and Processing the Data Building and Training our Neural Network Visualizing Loss and Accuracy Evaluate the model's effectiveness Use the trained model to make predictions

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of any programming language to understand the Java code. You need not to be aware of what machine learning and neural networks are about. Read More